A Healthy Brain for the Ages

Ask The Experts by Christine Chelladurai, MD and Jennifer Lacasse, RN

Q: Are there things I can do to keep my brain healthy as I age?

A: Today, there is a growing concern of development of cognitive impairments such as dementia and mental health issues as we age in the United States. With age, we often discuss promoting physical health but we must also focus more on the body-brain connection and factors that prevent mental and cognitive decline.

The brain is an amazing organ. Medicine has yet to understand many of its complexities. However, we do understand the importance of prevention and the notion that we are capable of having "A Healthy Brain for the Ages."

Focusing on prevention and factors that promote a healthy brain as we age is possible. Aging can be filled with many wonderful opportunities: finding new activities and hobbies beyond retirement, spending more time with family, and developing new skills. 

Health maintenance is key such as keeping annual exams, taking medication properly, having a balanced diet including proper hydration - and developing a regular exercise program.

These are preventative strategies in which to maintain a healthy brain as we age. We also need to focus on our mental health. Finding ways to combat stress, remaining connected to friends and family, and giving of our time and talents promotes well-being and a sense of accomplishment.

We need to consider our spiritual and emotional well-being, and getting help if we are becoming depressed or having trouble coping, sleeping, or experiencing grief.

Christine P. Chelladurai, DO is a Geriatric Medicine physician at Beaumont Hospital- Grosse Pointe and Royal Oak. She heads the Beaumont Geriatric Evaluation Center and is the Medical Director of ShorePointe Nursing Center in St. Clair Shores, MI. Jennifer Lacasse is an RN, BSW and the Geriatric Clinical Nurse Specialist at Beaumont Geriatric Evaluation Center. They can both be reached at 586.447.8021. Beaumont Hospital is a member of The Family Center's Association of Professionals.


A Healthy Brain for the Ages

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