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The goal of The Family Center of Grosse Pointe & Harper Woods is healthy, resilient and successful young people. We seek to achieve that goal by working with parents and all those who interface with our youth, giving them the skills needed to raise our children to be contributing community members.

We know that parenting is learned, it takes time and practice and that the job is 24/7. We know that while children are the same today, childhood is not. We know that societal influences, not just parental influences impact our children. We know there are many challenges. We also know that an understanding of normal growth and development, of youth trends, of parenting strategies can help parents make wise decisions.

Our community is rich in resources to assist parents but they can be difficult to find. The Family Center believes that by educating, connecting and supporting our families, we can share with caregivers the tools to succeed in this vital task of raising healthy children and building strong families.

Since our founding in 2000, The Family Center has presented programs on topics ranging from sibling rivalry to the gender-specific learning needs of children, from misbehavior to family communication skills, from video games to step-parenting. We touch thousands of parents and professionals through formal lectures and panel presentations that also provide opportunities for parents to dialogue with one another and professionals.

Play Central gives caregivers and their preschool aged children a place to visit with other families during the fall and winter months. Two resource guides have been written and 10 videos produced and distributed at Grosse Pointe libraries. We have a weekly "Ask the Experts" column in the Grosse Pointe News as well as a quarterly newsletter, Family Central. We continue to explore new ways of sharing information with our families.

Our young 501(c)3 nonprofit organization depends on a large number of volunteers sharing their expertise with skills ranging from speaking and writing to marketing and development. If you would like to share your time and talent with us, or make a donation to support our programs, or receive our newsletter please contact The Family Center.

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