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The Family Center: Resources for Families, Individuals and Professionals

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Helping Seniors Agree that It's Time to Stop Driving

Ask the Experts by Marian Battersby

Q: My family and I are struggling with our elderly father and his insistence on driving. What resources are out there for resolving this sensitive issue?

A: You are correct that the issue of driving when elderly is a sensitive one. Driving a car is a symbol of independence and is closely tied to an individual's identity. It represents freedom and control and allows senior adults to gain easy access to social connections, health care, shopping, activities ...

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Professionals Connecting with Professionals

Ask the Experts by The Family Center 

Q: What are my options, as a professional working with individuals and families, to grow my network of referral sources?

A: It can certainly be hard to connect with other professionals. Trying to fit that in to an already busy schedule can be daunting.

The Family Center of Grosse Pointe & Harper Woods can help. Its online resource listing of the Association of Professionals (AOP) members has providers’ profiles listed, along with easy ways ...

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Indoor Play Option for Little Ones

Ask the Experts by Kristen Young

Q: The weather is turning cooler and I'm a bit anxious about the upcoming long winter days and trying to keep my little ones entertained and socialized. I also would like to meet some other parents with children the same age as mine - are there any options around here?

A: You are not alone! Those infant and toddler years can feel a little isolating for parents during the cold months. But the energy level of the kids doesn't wane - so finding activities and options ...

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Suicide: The Silent Epidemic. What Do We Know? What Can We Do?

Ask the Experts by Gail and John Urso

Q: Why should I see the documentary film "Death is NOT the Answer" that will be shown at the War Memorial on Wednesday, September 27th?

A: Over 43,000 people will die by suicide in the United States in 2017. That is one person every thirteen minutes. Many of us have been touched by suicide either through the death of a loved one, a friend, or a colleague. They say that every death by suicide touches over 100 people. It's in the best interest of the community ...

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Mental Health First Aid Training Sessions

Ask the Experts by Training & Treatment Innovations, Inc. (TTI)

Q: Can you tell me about the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training sessions that will be offered through The Family Center this fall - who should attend and what can we expect if we do?

A: Just like First Aid and CPR training provide people with the skills to help someone experiencing a physical health crisis, Mental Health First Aid is a course, designed for lay people, to provide the skills needed to reach out to a person ...

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